Opplev Sokndal Fottur

Hike and bike

Sokndal municipality along the coastline offers a varied and hilly landscape. Large rock formations dominate just off the coastline, and there is a wide range of marked hiking trails. Opplev Sokndal has created Facebook pages for 30 marked trips where you will also find hiking maps.

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Sjødis båttur på Nesvåg

Boat trip with Sjødis

Skipper Nesvåg takes the group on a tour along the coast. Fantastic nature in a unique cultural landscape. Feel free to try your luck fishing along the way. The boat is certified for 14 people but has rescue equipment for 25 people. In addition to 14 people, one must go out at one’s own risk.

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Laksefiske i Sokna, Sokndal

Salmon fishing

The river Sokna in Sokndal municipality in Sør-Rogaland is a varied and nice salmon river that offers plenty of fishing experiences and can point to good catches.

We offer this activity during the salmon season from the end of June to the end of September.

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Historisk vandring på Sogndalstrand

Cultural-historical walk

Hiking in Sogndalstrand with historical flashbacks where we tell stories from the old days. During the hike, we also get into the establishment of hotels in this environment worthy of protection.

Duration approx. 1 hour

Havrafting på Sogndalstrand

Coastal Safari

In collaboration with Sogndalstrand Havrafting, you can experience rafting boats that can either take a leisurely walk along the coast with storytelling along the way, or with a little more speed and excitement.

Duration as desired, usually 1 hour.

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Magma Geopark, Jøssingfjord Hellershei

Magma Geopark

Magma Geopark is a unique geological area in the southwest of the country, and is the perfect place for outdoor experiences and to learn more about geology and culture in this mighty and dramatic coastal cultural landscape.

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Jøssingfjord Sokndal, Helleren

Guided tour in Sokndal

We offer a guided tour of Sokndal with visits to Titania, Helleren, Jøssingfjord, Sokndal church and Blåfjellet. To Blåfjellet it is only possible to drive by maxi taxi.

Duration approx. 3 hours (as desired)

Jøssingfjord Vitenmuseum Sokndal

Jøssingfjord Vitenmuseum

Dalane Folk Museum is building Jøssingfjord Science Museum in Jøssingfjord, Sokndal. A place where natural and cultural history meet.
The main themes are people, nature and technology – with the main emphasis on mining in Dalane.

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We put together activities for you

Feel free to spend several days with us so you can experience everything! Most of the activities you can do on your own, and others are arranged only for groups, or as guided tours. If in doubt, contact us.

We are happy to help you put together a plan. Get in touch if you have questions or want help putting together activities for your stay!